October 19, 2017
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          Tuna Should Be Number One
          Gangsters and Riders Should Be 500 Teams
          The OFFL is in Danger of Having a Rookie Champ
          Retirement is Good for Fantasy, Ask Mad Dog
          Can the Linguists Produce a Second Half Comeback
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 E. A. Presley
 Editor and Chief of the Rolling Skull


Week six's trivia question had to do with two quarterbacks with the same first name selected in the first round going head to head. Carson Palmer and Carson Wentz met two Sundays back, and Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford squared off in Week 3. This doesn't happen often.  I had not happened with a different pair, in fact, since 1995. Who were those quarterbacks? Both were selected in the first round, had the same first name, and that pair were in the same division. 

The answer is "
Jim Kelly and Jim Harbaugh. Kelly played for the Bills, Harbaugh played for Indianapolis (and the Colts were in the AFC East at that time).

This week's question, "What are the only two pairs of teams that have met three years in a row in conference championship games?"

a.  Steelers / Raiders - Cowboys / 49ers
b.  Chiefs / Patriots - Cowboys / Packers
c.  Packers / Falcons - Steelers / Miami
d.  Eagles / Packers - Broncos / Patriots

No trivia prize this week.  We have to save money for Joe's 2016 Fantasy Bowl Trophy.  Award date TBD.

Please send your email answers to to E.A. Presley, Editor and Chief. 


This week's checklist:

1.  Make sure you check your roster prior to Thursday games to make sure you don't lock in or lock out  the wrong player. 
     Your other players for Sunday and Monday will lock in at 12:59 Sunday morning (with the exception of those goofy early
     European games that the NFL schedules).

2.   Kalish is Pete's back up if for some reason you have to get a hold of the league office before game time (or go on record)
      Jeff's email, for backup.  VP Jeff Kalish now has administrative privileges if anyone has problems with the

3.  Karl's quick tutorial on the "My Fantasy League Software,

4.  League Entry is $120.  Free agents, $5 a pop.  You can pay me in advance or wait.  Just don't leave me hanging at season's end. Weekly
     payouts/credit will be issued for the top three scoring teams in the order of  $24, $12, and $6.

5.  Do not ask Commissioner Purvis a "rule question" until after you have read the rules. 

6.  To enjoy the site music with your pc/tablet you need Adobe Flash approved in your browser.

7.  You can listen to live updates on your PC/Laptop with the GameDay Program, download here GAMEDAY APP.  Great App, it is Microsoft
     based....  Use League ID 13439 when prompted.
Turn up the volume and enjoy the commentary.

8.  For wireless apps, here are the links... Iphone/Ipad Droid, and  Windows.  phones.

9.  The Club House Pages are up and running! 
10.  Here are this week's NFL matchups.

Thursday, October 19
matchup time  (ET) nat tv location
Kansas City  Oakland 8:30 PM NFL Oakland Coliseum, Oakland
Sunday, October 22
matchup time  (ET) nat tv location
1:00 PM CBS Soldier Field, Chicago
1:00 PM CBS FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland
New Orleans 
Gren Bay 
1:00 PM FOX Lambeau Field, Green Bay
1:00 PM CBS Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis
Los Angeles 
1:00 PM FOX Twickenham Stadium, London
New York 
1:00 PM FOX Hard Rock Stadium, Miami
1:00 PM CBS U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis
San Francisco 
4:05 PM FOX Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara
New York 
4:25 PM CBS MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford
4:25 PM CBS Heinz Field, Pittsburgh
Los Angeles 
4:25 PM CBS StubHub Center, Carson
New England 
8:30 PM NBC Gillette Stadium, Foxboro
Monday, October 23
matchup time  (ET) nat tv location
8:30 PM ESPN Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia
BYE:  Detroit, Houston


P. L. Purvis  
Commissioner, OFFL

On  vacation with the entire Midnight Rider roster.  Will return around November 2nd.

BomB Out!


Pedro made history in week six.  For the first time, he went 0 for 6!  This leaves him 19 for 36 on the season (528). Week 7's spokesmodel is Sophie the Maltipoo.  She will also be assisting Pedro with his picks this week while he gets his act back together.



  VS  52 to 55:  Midnight Riders
Flying Gators  VS  70 to 57:  Flying Gators
  VS  61 to 57:  Tuna Wranglers
  VS  39 to 56:  Mad Dog's Revenge *
Cunning Linguists  VS   64 to 60:  Cunning Linguists
  VS   65 to 41:  Obi Wong
  * Estradiol Game of the Week


Baller Support': LaVar Ball Answers Twitter Questions for WIRED (Video)

You’re familiar with the recurring WIRED feature Tech Support, which features celebrities answering questions submitted via Twitter, correct? And you’re also familiar with LaVar Ball, one of the most entertaining personalities in sports broadcasting today, right? So you already know that the two are a natural pair, and so it is with a new series called Baller Support.

Baller Support sees Ball dishing out his trademark wisdom to a generous number of fans from Twitter. One surprising thing is that despite Ball’s bluster in the past he did not actually think to include himself on his own five-man dream team – and his answers appear for the most part to be sincere and true to life.

Check out Baller Support below, and unless I’m mistaken there appears to be the promise of future installments sometime later, so stay tuned to the WIRED YouTube channel here for more.

One Evening...

One evening, a wife drew her husband’s attention to the couple next door and said, “Do you see that couple? How devote they are? He kisses her everytime they meet. Why don’t you do that?”

“I would love to,” replied the husband, “but I don’t know her well enough.”


Smoked Lobster Tails

4-6 lobster tails (thawed)
Favorite BBQ Rub or Old Bay
(Costco is a great place to buy in bulk)
Stick of Butter

If the lobster tails are frozen, allow them to thaw slowly in the fridge for about 24 hours prior to cooking them. If they still need a little thawing, you can place them in a colander and run cold water over them for a few minutes.

To make your butter mixture for basting:
a. Melt the stick of butter.
b. One tablespoon of Old Bay or Favorite Rub
c.  One tablespoon of lemon juice

Melt butter in microwave then add lemon juice, rub and, if desired, the optional habanero powder. Mix together well and leave sitting to cool and lightly thicken.  Then pre-baste each tail with the butter sauce.

To get the lobster tails ready for smoking you will want to cut a slit in the top of the tail from the front end to where the fin begins (best done with kitchen shears).  Use your hands to carefully pull the shell apart so you can get to the meat. This must be done with care so as to not break the shell any more than you have to.   Pull the shell apart.  Run your fingers between the meat and the shell so as to separate it partially. Leave it attached in the back toward the fin.  Rinse the meat off under cold water to make sure there is no bits of shell.  The idea will be to maintain the proper temperature and proper smoke.  You want a light blue gray smoke (not a heavy white smoke) and don't overcook them.  Set up whatever smoker you have for cooking at about 225 degrees. Stay with fruit woods for your smoke before you go experimenting.

Once your smoker is holding steady at 225 degrees, the lobster tails are ready to go in the smoker.  Most grocery stores will have around 5 ounce tails, so you are looking at a 45 – 60 minute smoke (indirect heat).  Time may vary depending  on your smoker. Regardless, you will cook the tail(s) to the temp of 145 degrees, basting every 15 minutes and finishing the tails with the remaining  butter sauce at the end.

Along with the tails, I like to add the grilled corn with coconut cream that I shared  3 weeks ago.  Throw in shrimp scampi, mussels, and smoked crab legs… You have the Ultimate Feast (Red Lobster reference), “Smokin with the Devil Style.”

  Flying Gators Midnight Riders   Cunning Linguists