December 1, 2016
|  Music by Red Sun Rising, "Amnesia."
- The Playoffs are Fluid to Say the Least
- Cunning Linguists and Belichick Yourself Are Locked In (a torriid fantasy love afair)

- Bourbon Chicken Baby!

- A Record Year for the 7 & 5's
- Pedro Is On Fire With His Predictions

E. A. Presley
Editor and Chief of the Rolling Skull


Last week's question, "Where did the Detroit Lions play their first-ever game?"  The answer was the University of Detroit Stadium. 
University of Detroit Stadium, also known as U of D Stadium, Titan Stadium, or Dinan Field, was a stadium in Detroit, Michigan on the campus of the University of Detroit. The stadium opened in 1922, on land that had been acquired for the university's proposed new McNichols campus (the university would move its main campus there in 1927). The stadium's main tenant was the University of Detroit Titans football team, who played their home games there from the time it opened until the university dropped its football program following the 1964 season. 
The stadium stood on 6-Mile Road (later also known as McNichols Road) just west of Fairfield St. in the northeast corner of the campus. It was built with the field on a north-south axis, with stands on the east and west sides of the field, which was encircled by a running track It had a capacity of 25,000 people at its peak. In addition to football, it was also used for track meets, concerts, and other university-related and public events. One rather unusual aspect of the stadium were its lighting towers, which stood between the stands and the field.  University of Detroit Stadium was the home field for the NFL's Detroit Lions from 1934 to 1937, and again in 1940.  
It also was home to the Detroit Wolverines for their only NFL season in 1928. The stadium was the site of the 1935 NFL Championship Game, won by the Lions over the New York Giants, 26–7.  The Detroit Cougars professional soccer club played several games here in the summers of 1967 and 1968 whenever their regular home field, Tiger Stadium had a scheduling conflict. One such match on June 14, 1967 against the Houston Stars ended in an infamous player riot.  The Michigan Arrows of the fledgling Continental Football League used the stadium (which then had a capacity of 20,000) for the 1968 season. Unfortunately, the Arrows drew just 4,240 fans per game en route to a 1-11 season. The Arrows moved to Midland, Michigan to become the Tri-City Apollos in 1969, then folded with the rest of the league.  The stadium was demolished in 1971 and was replaced by a parking lot. For many years thereafter the stadium's lighting towers remained standing in order to provide lighting for the lot. The location is currently occupied by a multi-purpose turf field north of Calihan Hall.
This week's question , "Who is the first non-quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals to throw more than one touchdown pass during their career?"

a.  Corey Dillon
b.  Lee Johnson
c.  Isac Curtis
d.  Archie Griffin
This week's winner receive tickets to the 2016 Toilet Bowl.  Who will it be MYLF vs. $5 Footlongs?  Or will the Norwood Slammers ruin it for everyone?

All answers should be submitted to E.A. Presley, Editor and Chief via the Commissioner's Office.


This week's checklist:

1.  Make sure you check your roster prior to Thursday games to make sure you don't lock in or lock out  the wrong player.  Your other players for
     Sunday and Monday will lock in at 12:59 Sunday morning (with the exception of those goofy early European games that the NFL schedules).

2.   Kalish is Pete's ( back up if for some reason you have to get a hold of the league office before game time (or go on record)
      Jeff's email,  for backup.  VP Jeff Kalish now has administrative privileges if anyone has problems with the

3.  Karl's quick tutorial on the "My Fantasy League Software,

4.  League Entry is $120.  Free agents, $5 a pop.  You can pay me in advance or wait.  Just don't leave me hanging at season's end. 

5.  To enjoy the music with your pc table for  the site, you need Adobe Flash.   The FireFox browser now longer supports Flash.  For cell phone, they
      do offer the FlashFox browser now for anDroid.

6.  For cell phones, here is the wireless live scoring link here.  
       (Note there is a MyFantasyLeague available in your app store).  The link above is a nice clean look for my taste.
7.  I like to listen to live updates on my PC with the GameDay Program, download here GAMEDAY APP.  Great App, it is Microsoft based....
     Use League ID 13439 when prompted.
Turn up the volume and enjoy.

8.  Trade Deadline has passed.

Thursday, December 1
Dallas Minnesota 8:30 PM NFL US Bank Stadium
Sunday, December 4
Kansas City Atlanta 1:00 PM CBS Georgia Dome, Atlanta
Detroit New Orleans 1:00 PM FOX Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans
Los Angeles New England 1:00 PM FOX Gillette Stadium, Foxboro
Denver Jacksonville 1:00 PM CBS EverBank Field, Jacksonville
Houston Green Bay 1:00 PM CBS Lambeau Field, Green Bay
Philadelphia Cincinnati 1:00 PM FOX Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati
Miami Baltimore 1:00 PM CBS M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore
San Francisco Chicago 1:00 PM FOX Soldier Field, Chicago
Buffalo Oakland 4:05 PM CBS Oakland Coliseum, Oakland
New York Pittsburgh 4:25 PM FOX Heinz Field, Pittsburgh
Washington Arizona 4:25 PM FOX U of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale
Tampa Bay San Diego 4:25 PM FOX Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego
Carolina Seattle 8:30 PM NBC CenturyLink Field, Seattle
Monday, December 5
Indianapolis New York 8:30 PM ESPN MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford


P. L. Purvis  
Commissioner, OFFL

Remember what the playoffs looked like last week?  SCRATCH THAT (Linguist #1 seed, Belichick #2, Interceptors #3, Fighting Fish #4, #5 Gangsters and Flying Gators would be the #6).  Going into the final week we have:
Belichick #1 with a bye.
Linguists # 2 with a bye.
Deflators #3  facing #6.
Flying Gators #4 facing #5.
#5 Riders
#6 Interceptors (wildcard)

All the 7 & 5 teams are in the running.  Ironically total points score remaining was always for the "wildcard."  Well... It will also end up defining the middle seedingss also.  There are a number of scenarios.  Beli and Linguists are locks at this point.  If I were a 7 and 5 team, I want Joe's Flying Gators to win this week with his 773 points year to date.  With Joe's win, the Wranglers are still in it for the Wildcard among others.  
East PF Record
Cunning Linguists 729 8 - 4
Flying Gators 773 7 - 5
Fighting Fish 679 7 - 5
Fanatics 530 5 - 7
MYFL 660 4 - 8
Deflators 730 7 - 5
Midnight Riders 692 7 - 5
Interceptors 691 7 - 5
New York Gangsters 599 7 - 5
$5 Footlongs 653 4 - 8
Belechick Yourself 716 9 - 3
Tuna Wranglers 631 6 - 6
Diaper Genies 654 4 - 8
Norwood Slammers 516 2 - 10
Have fun running the math on all the possibiilties for the playoff seedings...  If you go with the BOMB's prediction below, we will have the following in the playoffs:  Belichick, Cunning Linguists, Deflators, Midnight Riders, Fighting Fish, and Flying Gators.  We shall see as the Interceptors, Gangsters, and Wranglers will not go easily and may have something to say about it!

Pedro goes 6  for 7 last week  Pedro is now 48 for 84 (571) for the season.  Week 13's spokesmodel is Kara Killmer from NBC's Chicago Fire.


                            MATCHUP PREDICTION

  VS  43 to 54:  Fighting Fish
Flying Gators  VS  67 to 61:  Midnight Riders
  VS  58 to 63:  Belichick Yourself
  VS  50 to 63:  Tuna Wranglers
  VS  42 to41:  Diaper Genies *
  VS   62 to 46:  Deflators
Cunning Linguists  VS  59 to 52:  Cunning Linguists
  * Estradiol Game of the Week


OH HELL NO, POP TARTS & DUNKIN  (screw the diet)
There are essentially two schools of thought on what the best way to start the day is: That which says coffee is the only way, and that which rules in favor of a couple of piping hot Pop-Tarts. Now, these two schools can finally come together, with the announcement of a new line of Pop-Tarts x Dunkin Donuts coffee-flavored Pop-Tarts.
The Pop-Tarts x Dunkin Donuts flavors are Vanilla Latte and Chocolate Mocha, both of which are inspired by the Dunkin Donuts beverages of the same name. They are also marked “LIMITED EDITION” on the box, so if you see them at your local grocery store or Pop-Tart connect you better grab a couple while you can.You should reportedly start seeing the Pop-Tarts x Dunkin Donuts “Coffee-Licious” flavors in stores over the next few weeks. And if I may make a sight-unseen serving suggestions: Consider getting some coffee too, to dunk them in. This could be a game-changer.

A Sunday school teacher is concerned that his students might be a little confused about Jesus, so he asks his class, "Where is Jesus today?"
Steven raises his hand and says, "He's in Heaven."
Mary answers, "He's in my heart."
Little Johnny waves his hand furiously and blurts out, "He's in our bathroom!"
The surprised teacher asks Little Johnny how he knows this.
"Well," Little Johnny says, "every morning, my father gets up, bangs on the bathroom door and yells 'Jesus Christ, are you still in there?!'"
Between now and Tuesday, you are going to grill this recipe!  It is a must!
Serves 4
1/4 cup of your favorite bbq sauce
1/4 cup bourbon
1/4 cup dark brown sugar
1 tsp Worcestershire
1 esp salt
4 - 6 boneless chicken breasts
The original recipe calls for pounding the chicken  1/4 thick.  Note, I have grilled and baked with this recipe without pounding the chicken. 
That said, combine all the ingredients above in a freezer bag and seal for at least a minimum of 1 hour.  For my taste, no longer than 4 hrs.  Two hours is good.  Get your grill to medium heat  and go 7 - 8 minutes a side... Remember chicken is safe at an internal temp of 165 F.   This is a very simple main course.   I keep it simple with green breans, corn, and rice for a Sunday meal.  Enjoy!  As an overn alternative, preheat to 400 F and go 30 minutes turning once.

  Flying Gators Midnight Riders   Cunning Linguists