November 25, 2016
|  Music by the Wombats, "Give Me a Try" aka Ode to Interceptors
- Have a Great Thanksgiving!
- A Short Week:  Playoff Status Below

- Feel Like a Winter Margarita?  Check Out Bianca's Recipe.

- Many are still in the running for the "WILD CARD".
-Interceptors Unload a Huge Bankroll on FA's

E. A. Presley
Editor and Chief of the Rolling Skull


This week's question, "Where did the Detroit Lions play their first-ever game?" 

a.  Tiger Stadium
b.  University of Detroit Stadium
c.  Briggs Stadium
d.  Forbes Field

This week's winner will recieve ah... Never mind, it's the holidays.  How much more abuse can we give MYLF, Slammers or the Fanatics.  Maybe after filling up on turkey, we can come up with something next week.

E.A. Presley, Editor and Chief


This week's checklist:

1.  Make sure you check your roster prior to Thursday games to make sure you don't lock in or lock out  the wrong player.  Your other players for
     Sunday and Monday will lock in at 12:59 Sunday morning (with the exception of those goofy early European games that the NFL schedules).

2.   Kalish is Pete's ( back up if for some reason you have to get a hold of the league office before game time (or go on record)
      Jeff's email,  for backup.  VP Jeff Kalish now has administrative privileges if anyone has problems with the

3.  Karl's quick tutorial on the "My Fantasy League Software,

4.  League Entry is $120.  Free agents, $5 a pop.  You can pay me in advance or wait.  Just don't leave me hanging at season's end. 

5.  To enjoy the music with your pc table for  the site, you need Adobe Flash.   The FireFox browser now longer supports Flash.  For cell phone, they
      do offer the FlashFox browser now for anDroid.

6.  For cell phones, here is the wireless live scoring link here.  
       (Note there is a MyFantasyLeague available in your app store).  The link above is a nice clean look for my taste.
7.  I like to listen to live updates on my PC with the GameDay Program, download here GAMEDAY APP.  Great App, it is Microsoft based....
     Use League ID 13439 when prompted.
Turn up the volume and enjoy.

8.  Trade Deadline has passed.

Thursday, November 24
Matchup Time ET TV Location
Minnesota MIN Detroit DET 12:30 PM CBS Ford Field, Detroit
Washington WSH Dallas DAL 4:30 PM FOX AT&T Stadium, Arlington
Pittsburgh PIT Indianapolis IND 8:30 PM NBC Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis
Sunday, November 27
Matchup Time ET TV Location
Tennessee TEN Chicago CHI 1:00 PM CBS Soldier Field, Chicago
Jacksonville JX Buffalo BUF 1:00 PM CBS New Era Field, Buffalo
Cincinnati CIN Baltimore BAL 1:00 PM CBS M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore
Arizona ARI Atlanta ATL 1:00 PM FOX Georgia Dome, Atlanta
New York NYG Cleveland CLE 1:00 PM FOX FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland
Los Angeles LA New Orleans NO 1:00 PM FOX Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans
San Francisco SF Miami MIA 1:00 PM FOX Hard Rock Stadium, Miami
San Diego SD Houston HOU 1:00 PM CBS NRG Stadium, Houston
Seattle SEA Tampa Bay TB 4:05 PM FOX Raymond James Stadium, Tampa
Carolina CAR Oakland OAK 4:25 PM CBS Oakland Coliseum, Oakland
New England NE New York NYJ 4:25 PM CBS MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford
Kansas City KC Denver DEN 8:30 PM NBC Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Denver
Monday, November 28
Matchup Time ET TV Location
Green Bay GB Philadelphia PHI 8:30 PM ESPN Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia



P. L. Purvis  
Commissioner, OFFL

What if the playoffs started today?
Linguist #1 seed with a 1st round bye.
Belichick #2 seed with a 1st round bye.
Interceptors #3 getting to play #6
Fighting Fish #4 seed playing #5
Gangsters would be #5
Flying Gators would be the #6 wildcard with the highest points total remaining.

Deflators, Riders, Genies, and theWranglers are within striking distance with 3 weels to go.   Even the Footlongs have a chance...  Have a great Thanksgiving!


Another 4 for 7 week, AGAIN!  Pedro is now 42 for 77 (545) for the season.  Week 12's spokesmodel is Lauren German from Fox's "Lucifer and NBC's Chicago Fire.


                            MATCHUP PREDICTION

  VS  58 to 63:  Tuna Wranglers
Cunning Linguists  VS  58 to 61:  Belichick Yourself
  VS  51 to 36:  Deflators
  VS  45 to 51:  Fanatics *
Flying Gators  VS  59 to 53:  Flying Gators
  VS   58 to 54:  Midnight Riders
  VS  60 to 50:  Interceptors
  * Estradiol Game of the Week



“More than a fire pit. More than a grill.” That’s the tagline behind the new Blaze Tower, a vertical structure that looks like a modernist spin on the titular figure in The Wicker Man, but hopefully will not be used for any pagan ritual sacrifices in the near future.
What the Blaze Tower will be used for, presumably, is fostering an atmosphere of good cheer and warmth at future outdoor gatherings. It can also be used as a grill or smoker, so those gatherings will be characterized by plenty of delicious meats as well—all hail the Blaze Tower! And you don’t have to worry about it falling apart in the rain, since it’s made from sturdy  3/16″ American Steel, much thicker than most comparable alternatives you’re likely to find.
Before joining hands and circling the Blaze Tower, you have to head to the product’s official site here, where you can purchase one for just under $500.
One evening this drunk walks into a bar, sits down, and happens to notice a 12" tall man standing on the bar. Astonished, the man asks the guy next to him; "What the hell is that?" The guy next to him replies "He's a pianist!", to which the drunk replied "Horse shit, your pulling my leg" So the guy next to him picks up the 12" man , grabs some books, and props the little man up to the piano. Sure enough, this little man started hammerin out all the favorite tunes of the bars' patrons. Stunned, the drunk asks "That little guy is cool, where the hell did you get him"? The fella told the drunk how he had found a genie bottle out in the alley, rubbed it til a genie appeared, and was granted one wish. All of a sudden the drunk hauls ass out the back door, finds the bottle, and starts rubbing it: when all of a sudden a genie pops out and grants him one wish. In a slur, the drunk asks "I wish for a million bucks". All of a sudden, the sky turns black and overhead a million ducks come flying overhead shittin all over him. Angrily, the drunk runs back inside, slams the door and begins cursing "You son of a bitch, I found that genie bottle and wished for a million bucks and all of a sudden there are a million ducks shitting all over my new suit." The fella started laughing and wildly exclaimed "You don't really think I wished for a 12" pianist do you?"
1 (6 ounce) can frozen limeade concentrate
6 fluid ounces tequila
2 fluid ounces triple sec
1/2 jalapeno pepper, seeded and diced
Shot of OJ
Lil jig of cointreau for a topper
Add all ingredients to list to a blender full of ice.   Serve with or without salt.

  Flying Gators Midnight Riders   Cunning Linguists